Serving the people of Wing

Who we are & what we do

Wing Parish Council serves the parish of Wing in Rutland. Parish Councils are the smallest unit of local government. The majority of services across the county are provided by the unitary local authority, Rutland County Council (see direct link to RCC webpages).

The Parish Council's role is relatively limited in comparison with the services supplied by the County Council. It acts as the formal representative of the local community, with an operational responsibility for grass and tree maintenance in the village, especially on the playing fields beside the Maze, and for the provision of council-owned allotments. The Village Hall is formally owned by the Parish Council's charitable body, but is managed by the Village Hall Management Committee, through whom bookings can be made.

Planning applications are considered by the Parish Council but it is only permitted to report its recommendations and comments back to the County Council which is the main planning authority - all final decisions are taken by the County Council.

Other local services are provided by Rutland County Council and details can be found on their website and on the local services noted on this website.

Meetings of the Parish Council are held usually on the last Wednesday of every other month (May, July, September, November, January and March) in the Wing Community Centre (the Village Hall). All residents of the parish are welcome to attend as observers but it is advisable to contact the Clerk in advance if they wish to speak to a meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council are held in May in the Community Centre and representatives of local community organisations are encouraged to submit either a verbal or written report to that Meeting.

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